Michelle Osorio

Who is Michelle?

Creative Director

A hopeless romantic & Lover of Love Stories! Ever since I was a little girl would daydream & play with dolls and create lives for them. I would create all sorts of scenarios like the typical first comes love, to a mom taking her kids camping in Barbie's Dream Camper. As I grew I would sing love songs at the top of my lungs while playing on the swings at the playground. It wasn't until an unfortunate situation left me with 2 years of blank memories & a bit of long term memory loss that I realized the importance of recording & capturing memories.

In 2016, we had settled into a small town & I didn't have much to do so my dad encouraged me to start a new hobby. He reminded me of my love for the outdoors & that I always took photos on my phone. Soon enough I was exploring & learning how to use Manual on my new camera. I will forever be grateful to my dad for inspiring my passion & to my sister for being my test subject even when I accidentally deleted her favorite photo when I was learning to edit. As time went on my craving for human connection grew and I knew I wanted to tell people's  stories through pictures. That is where I am now, I crave connection with clients, vendors, guests, family members & so on. I want to know how married life is after your wedding & help you announce the result of that love. I want that baby to grow up knowing me when its time for family pictures & any special milestones. All I want is for you to trust me to be a great friend, a trustworthy & kind person. 

Thanks again for being here! I hope to hear from you so we can get to know each other!

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Cell: 647-292-7650

Email: michelle@behindtheshotsphotography.com

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Who is Dustin?

Main Photographer

My main hobby is wildlife photography since it gives a perspective on nature that most people have never seen. It brings an appreciation for animals and when it comes to endangered species I think it raises awareness for conservation efforts. I joined Behind the Shots Photography because I love being able to deliver permanent captured moments for people’s precious memories. My belief is that there’s nothing better to show friends, family, or future children your adventures through life than photos and video.

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